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Vision Mission Goal

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Learners access global information dispite a lack of learning infrastructures and get empowered through CREACTIVELABS to discover their own potential in order to exceed their dreams through creativity and collaboration. The power of sharing, learning from each other and joining the quest for solutions will transfrom the way we are getting educated for life.
Children in poor learning ecosystems around the globe shall access quality education and appropriate learning material through a network of evolutionary selfcontained learning centers. Mobile technology paired with renewable energy components shall enhance the reach, the scale and the equitable access. Creactive learning environments shall reach the most vulnerable children at low cost to enhance their chances to brake the cycle of poverty!
Learners at all ages shall develop the learninglab far beyond curriculm compliant content. Modern learning software shall be adaptive in nature to increase the individuals strength and motivate the individual to go beyond the known into the experimental realms. It shall free the learner to enjoy trial and error until he reaches his capacity to try again and again and win.

mEN, womEN  and childrEN deprived from quality education get connected to agile learning centers that equip them with 21st century learning skills.

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