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Starting Point

Who we are

looking at the globe

with a blank face
and an open mind

Four what?

collecting spots

connecting the dots

with the right colors at hand

to make a first impression

and finally make the call to action

Well the 4Dotom logo was not exactly the starting point - but just the moment of determination to go all the way and produce a prototype mobile classroom for children that had no access to reading material, no teacher qualified for complex subjects and no inptu to social problems beond local believes, culture and traditions.  

Key criteria was to start with a small server that can contain enough knowledge and software to satisfy the most hungry student craving for insights in schools or community centers that have no formal nor informal learning infrastructure in place.
Counting on the steady increase of smartphones in remote areas I knew that electricity will be a critical factor to make a technology based learning environment operational. Solar power and  12 V battery storage should be large enough to keep the tablets operational for at least 5 hrs per day.
The system also would need to be compatible with Online services for updates and gridpower where available.  All of the equipment shall be based on WiFi technology in order to optimize access with any type of devices that are capable to handle WiFi protocols.

The main desire was to create a computerlab in a suitcase with at least 15 tablets in order to run a blended learning class with 45 students and a 2 to 1 tablet access during class.
The evolution of the set may need to have a projector or a TV screen. I am tested several TV HDMI adapters for teachers to mirror their tablet content on the big screens.

open minded learning
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