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Curiosity - inherent to Children

New discoveries give color and spice to life! Children's curiosity is a natural driver for adaptive learning. The stimulation of the senses at the very early days of a babys life will power up the mind to develop its potential. Fostering the creativity at an early age is important for the development of the individual capacity, self-esteem and growth.
Every child deserves the right to be exposed to the various stimulations that enhance their comprehension so they become life long learners.

Creactivelab is designed to offer a vast amount of information to still the hunger of discovery especaiily for most vulnerable and disadvantaged children in rural areas. Learning takes on new forms with a triple E experience

EXPLORE - the vast knowledge created in digital rich media formats
EXCEL - in aquiring new skills to be prepared for an exciting career
EMPOWER - the underpriviledged around the globe to achieve more equitable access to creative learning

Seeing hundreds of schoolchildren with less than the bare minimum of learning content it kickstarted a vision in me to provide offline relevant internet content to teachers, schoolchildren and communities. The next step was to build a prototype learning case that was mobile, solar powered and agnostic to use smart phone technology. I want to create the new inclusive mobile education system of tomorrow! Wherever we offer it to the disadvataged Children of today we can expect smart leaders among the next generation that make a significant positive contribution to the society.

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