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4.0 future thinking

4.0  the Age of Information Technology

time has arrived that the first drone flight schools are offering their expertise for certified training courses to optain a professional drone pilots licence. Yet another intrusive way to collect data for zilion reasons. Most modern workplaces are connected to the global information data highway in one way or another, be it in the air, on the ground or below the surface. Connectivity seems to be omnipresent becoming a human right for digital natives in the developed world.

A few days ago I received a mail message from India, asking me in Switzerland if I need some SEO capacity to optimize my website. These global jobs of tomorrow are surfacing today. One can only imagine, where world wide broadband glasfiber will lead market protentials in the next decade. Big data is just one of the hypes that is unlikely to decrease as opportunties expand and appetite for data crunching is growing with the global economy in search of growth potentials.

The global workforce of tomorrow will need to adapt to the robtic production entering more and more facets of our daily chores. This in turn will increase the demand for innovative software development. Programming will rise to the extent that manual labour will eventually reduce. Golbal connectivity and robotics executing the commands carefully computed will change the workplace of tomorrow. The locality of a worker to connect to workmates, markets and peers becomes of a lesser importance.

Because of this trend of the 4.0 informational evolution it is our duty to provide equal chances to children in remote and rural areas. It isour duty to prepare todays children for a connected world, where information is key to survival, to work, and even to social benefits.

4. Openmind is my expression of forward looking in anticipation of new ways of learning. We want to be fit for the future and this requires a great capacity for change! The attitude to embrace the future openmindedly prepares the ground for innovative solutions to todays major inequalities. The creactivelab in nature shall be evolutionary work in progress and experimental in nature. It is time to leave the safe area of the academic retrospective thinking to explore the realms of unhindered opportunity.

         Free the mind and teach to learn          
        so the vulnerable children can grasp their changes in a firmly connected world.       

open minded learning
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